Designing The Future Of Work

Facilitating Changing Employment Involves:

  • Supporting new and existing talent sustainably

  • Facilitating adaptability to new technologies

  • Framing new ways to participate in the employed economy 

  • Supporting diversity in the workplace

Global Talent Utility and its partner organizations are answering the question of how people, companies and countries engage in and manage employment in periods of unprecedented change. 


Embracing the Skills Economy

Our vision is based on the shared belief that access to great jobs and great organizations is not a privilege but a right. 

Global Talent Utility is a platform that integrates people, education, hiring organizations, and governments in ways that support economic prosperity for all participants


Closing the Skills Gap

  • Integrating current skills with direct opportunities

  • Providing objective, individualized education and training options  

  • Incorporating current and emerging technologies in pathways, solidifying career success

Our goal is to create a practical foundation for individual employees and the companies who employ them.