The Project


Together with our partners Canada West Foundation and VAmetric, with funding from various Governments, we are engaged in a research project aimed at using a competency-based approach to assist professionals who are seeking new employment to transition into jobs in different sectors.


We are looking for employers who are interested in learning more about best-practice recruiting using a competency-based approach and are willing to take part in the research. 

Working with a range of senior HR management professionals, they will learn a process for identifying and articulating critical competencies for various positions in their organizations. These job profiles will be stored on the Global Talent Utility (GTU) platform. All participating companies will be acknowledged in, and receive copies of, the project reports. 



We are also working with individuals in Alberta to articulate and document their skills and competencies. Special focus will be placed on their higher-level essential skills in problem solving, decision making, critical thinking/analysis, communication, and collaboration – those competencies that are in high demand and critical for success, but difficult to measure. 

Skills gaps and associated learning pathways will also be identified by our built-in assessment process. 

Profiles will be placed on the GTU platform. Individual competencies will be verified using an evidence based, objective assessment process using Vametric’s Valid-8 platform. 

Individuals will, with their consent, have their profiles matched to the corporate competency profiles in the system. Exact matching between employers and participants is possible, but not guaranteed. However, using GTU, the level of match to a variety of available jobs can be determined, and gaps identified. 

The purpose of this research is not to ‘get people jobs’ – although nothing precludes that from happening, and employers will be able to directly access the complete profiles (contact information included) of any individuals who agree to release that information.  


We are seeking the participation of CPHR Alberta members and their companies to be a part of this valuable research. 

Specific industry sectors have not been delineated for the study. Our ideal company participant would have multiple departments, multi-disciplinary teams, more than one layer of management, and evolving job roles.