Economic Development Projects

We believe the foundation of the future is based on collaboration and an active sense of community.

In a time of unprecedented mobility and globalization, municipalities and economic development agencies are facing fierce competition to attract and retain employers, especially in the technology sector.  

Where businesses lead, job seekers follow. Municipalities and development agencies are increasingly becoming active agents in supporting and promoting their business communities.

Global Talent Utility is working with municipal governments and economic development agencies who want to showcase the strength of their talent pool and make it easier to connect with local employment opportunities.

Global Talent Utility is working with Municipal Governments and Economic Development Agencies who want to showcase the strength of their communities and talent pool and make it easier to engage with broader economic and employment opportunities.

Entice new industries to your community through a complete inventory of municipal skillsets and the ability to mobilize your workforce towards their needs.

Entice New Industries

Mobilize Community Skills

Enhance Employment

Drive Your Economy